Messin' W​/​/ Damnation

by Jock

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Luck 01:03
Undoing 01:47
If you wanted to prove me wrong You should have owned up to the faults you had all along But here we are stuck feeling the same debt Your claim to sorrow nothing more than staged regret Making a mess of circumstance Conflicting morals, past unrest I'm not trying to hide from you I’m not trying to vindicate what you do An obvious and painful undoing Of a future you were assuming Innocence veiled in egos
Keep one foot out the door and keep your eyes to the floor Messing with damnation cuz you always want more Do i bargain with that? Do i keep tempting fate? Do i eat my fucking shame until i start thinking straight? I’m always betting on an easy out But I'm getting fucking tired of this never ending drought I’m done with pacing around Done with watching my back Next time you come at me I’m not cutting you slack won’t swallow boredom I won’t ever be a pawn won’t go down easy keep pushing till I’m gone You want your life to be simple? Cut your loose ties and keep your head up You want your life to be easy. Cut the bullshit, you know it’s time to grow up
False Hope 01:43
hands are tied nose to the grind unhappy to a fault and i’m losing drive keep your shoulders back keep your composure clock is ticking your not getting anybody closer this isn’t what i thought alive was gonna mean i’m counting hours giving up on all my dreams steady moving to a goal i never had slowing giving in to all their demands when the road ahead seems full of broken glass ill never know until the journeys passed sick of false hope, bloody feet lost cause broken walls as i over heat sacrifice passion don’t acknowledge gains frivolous exposure and an inhumane version of yourself that you sell for a check fulfillment is a joke when you're sticking out your neck sick of selling time sick of waking up sick of trying when nobody gives a fuck i’m wasting hours just to succeed you’re happy living life on your fucking knees
All these useless secrets and backhanded spite All you ever care about is knowing youre right Maybe it’s easier to keep to myself And keep on hoarding all the truth i’ve withheld is thats just the way we function Trying to carve some meaning out of dysfunction Step on the heads of those who held your hands And keep on whining that nobody understands Waste of space What you preach is fake Picking the right side when we know you're just a snake Fix your attitude Let go of your pride Loyalty aint got a meaning when your hands are tied Stuck within a cycle of self doubt and self hate Try to fix your fuckups but you know it’s too late Everyone around you is a sucka so fuck em Everyone you idolize just lies, so chuck em


released September 6, 2019

All songs written by Jock
Recorded summer of 2019 at The Doam in London, ON
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Drew Longrigg

Additional guitar on "Keep it to Yourself" written and performed by Craig Gignac


all rights reserved



JOCK London, Ontario

Forest City Hardcore

Lunch money to the front

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